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Wordpress vs HubSpot

HubSpot CMS combines website creation with the power of a CRM platform to customize the entire buying journey, streamline marketing and sales alignment, and deliver true closed-loop reporting.

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HubSpot is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps scaling businesses grow better with sales, service, marketing, and content management software.

CMS Hub is a content management system (CMS) from HubSpot that provides features to help businesses create, manage, and analyze their website and blog content.


WordPress is an open-source website creation platform that uses a MySQL database and is written in PHP. It’s a popular tool for individuals without any coding experience who want to build websites and blogs. 

Key Capabilities of CMS Hub

  • Enhance Personalization: Create unique experiences for each website visitor.

  • Drive Results: See how your website is working alongside your marketing, sales, and service teams to drive results for your business.

  • More Secure: Your commitment to safety and reliability is backed by our dedicated 24/7 security team.

  • AI Content Assistance: Create AI-powered content, all in one place.

What Sets HubSpot Apart

Enhance Personalization

What Wordpress Offers:

  • WordPress provides nearly 9,000 themes to personalize your website to your organization. Some themes are minimal in their implementation and may require customization through plugins or additional code, while others will completely overhaul parts of your WordPress interface.
  • By adding a WordPress plugin to your site, you can expand its capabilities and customize it to suit your needs. Prior to installing some plugins, you may be required to meet a certain level of quality before they can be offered to you. Additionally, there are both free and paid plugin options within the directory.

What Sets HubSpot Apart:

  • With HubSpot, you don’t need to be a developer to build a beautiful, branded website. Our drag-and-drop website builder makes it easy to build a custom website for your business in no time at all. Drag and drop modules into place, and preview your content before it goes live.
  • Showcase your brand's personality and captivate your desired audience with an extensive collection of pre-designed templates and themes. Additionally, CMS Hub offers various customization features to make your website truly unique, no add-ons necessary.
CMS Hub Website templates with frame

According to HubSpot internal research, 64% of web managers whose sites receive 6-10 page views per visit use HubSpot’s content management tools. (source)

Drive Results

What Wordpress Offers:

  • WordPress comes equipped with the necessary tools and features to create SEO-friendly content right from the start. The tools allow you to add titles, meta descriptions, headings, alt text, tags, and customize URLs.
  • With WordPress Business and Premium plans, users have access to Google Analytics, which provides a way for  tracking traffic to a site. To obtain access to in-depth reporting, users are required to utilize plugins (which may be an additional fee).

What Sets HubSpot Apart:

  • HubSpot's SEO tools provide keyword optimization recommendations for your website. These recommendations are prioritized to show which optimizations will have the greatest impact. You can easily identify which pages need updates and take the recommended actions to improve your site's ranking.
  • On CMS Hub, you can run A/B tests on landing pages and website pages to hone in on the best performing variations in copy and design. You can compare each version's performance in the page's performance data, then select a winning variation.
CMSHub-site-editor_with frame

CMS Hub Professional and Enterprise customers see traffic to their websites increase by 211% or more after 12 months. (Hubspot Annual ROI Report)

More Secure

What Wordpress Offers:

  • WordPress is a dependable and secure content management system that regularly releases patches and updates to address known security issues. However, the vast plugin and theme library is the primary cause of security concerns for WordPress sites.
  • “WordPress is the most popular CMS on the Internet. It’s also the most hacked. For example, in 2020, Wordfence reported more than 2,800 attacks per second targeting WordPress." (source)

What Sets HubSpot Apart:

  • CMS Hub handles the security of your website for you so you can focus on your visitors' and customers' experience. Our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind that your site is hosted on one of the most secure CMS available on the market today.
  • With 24/7 threat & security monitoring, flexible user permissions, and customized security settings to meet your specific needs, you’ll have everything you need to effectively manage your company’s website on the HubSpot Platform.
CMSHub_Cloud-based connection_with frame

CMS Hub Professional and Enterprise customers see traffic to their websites increase by 211% or more after 12 months. (Hubspot Annual ROI Report)

AI Capabilities

What Wordpress Offers:

  • WordPress does not offer any native AI capabilities; users are required to add/purchase plug-ins.

What Sets HubSpot Apart:

  • HubSpot’s Content Assistant helps you create content faster and easier. It uses artificial intelligence to suggest topics, headlines, and even complete sentences.
  • Content Assistant tools natively integrate with the HubSpot products you know and love, allowing you to toggle between manual and AI content creation to generate copy for blog posts, landing pages, marketing emails, and more.

Feature Comparison

Feature HubSpot Wordpress
Pre-Built Themes
Drag & Drop Editor (WYSIWYG)
SEO Recommendations & Optimizations
24/7 Security Monitoring & Threat Detection


Requires Plug-In

Standard SSL certificate
Gated Content


Requires CMS Enterprise

User & Role-Based Administration
Content Staging


Requires Plug-In

Dynamic Content & Personalization
Multi-language Content Creation
A/B testing
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Total Cost of Ownership


CMS Hub gives you all the tools you need to create and optimize website pages with ease — with, or without a developer. And since it's part of the HubSpot CRM platform, you can use that data to build a remarkable website experience.

  • Implementation: CMS Hub customers take an average of 70 days to activate CMS Hub. (source).
  • CMS Hub Professional and Enterprise customers see an increase of 243% in website traffic after 12 months. (source)
  • Service & Support: HubSpot provides different support channels depending upon your subscription, all included.


As an open source platform, WordPress’ sticker price is free, but there are necessary, hidden costs to operating a website that adds up quickly when leveraging WordPress.

Base License
CMS Hub Professional
Wordpress Business
# of pages
Not included
Service & Support
Phone, Chat, and Email support included
Chat & Email support included
Training & Educational Resources
HubSpot Academy, Community
Support Guides, Community Forums
Not Required
Not included
Customization / Configuration
Easy to customize & configure in-house
Requires third-party help when plugins are used
Developer Support
Not included
App Marketplace
Maintenance / Admin
Enjoy a seamless platform 
built on one code base
No Admin Required
20 work hours to configure, regular updates required from a developer
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CMS Software That Grows With You

Start with free tools and upgrade as you grow, or hit the ground running with one of our premium editions.

What are customers saying?

HubSpot CMS Hub received G2 Best Usability, Best Relationship and Most Implementable for Mid-Market customers in 2023.

We were familiar with HubSpot’s landing pages tool in Marketing Hub, and I liked how simple and straightforward the backend is compared to WordPress. [Apptega worked with a web development agency to bring their site from WordPress into HubSpot.]

Joelle Palmer

Digital Marketing Manager



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