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Technical Consulting

Work with a dedicated HubSpot Technical Consultant for expert guidance on deploying HubSpot software.

What's Included With Technical Consulting

When you purchase technical consulting with HubSpot, you’ll work with a technical expert who will learn your business needs and systems inside and out. Your Technical Consultant can help you streamline processes, remove roadblocks, and get the absolute most out of HubSpot. Our team is available to work with you in a variety of ways, depending on how you and your team work best.

Some common projects we help with:

  • Advanced HubSpot software usage
  • Custom API integrations (e.g. integration architecture, endpoint guidance and troubleshooting support)
  • Custom design work with HubSpot CMS
  • Optimizing common integration connectors and platforms, like Shopify, Salesforce, Scribe, Bedrock, or Zapier
  • Technical process documentation
  • Reporting in HubSpot and external database/data warehouse integrations
  • Training new system administrators

Available Consulting Options:

Technical Consulting Project

Work with a dedicated HubSpot Technical Consultant to achieve specific outcomes with the HubSpot software.

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Onsite Consulting

Meet with a Technical Consultant face-to-face to learn how you and your team can implement new tools and systems.

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Ongoing Consulting

Work with a dedicated HubSpot Technical Consultant on a weekly or monthly basis to receive ongoing guidance for longer-term technical needs.

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Solutions Partners

Work with a HubSpot Solutions Partner to receive technical consulting and hands-on support to execute your HubSpot implementation for you.

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  • Preston-Steven-Cutbirth
    James was amazing. He was one of the best partners I've ever worked with on a website migration/implementation and technical service delivery. His efforts to ensure we were completely taken care went above and beyond my expectations. He executed the technical requirements of our service request expertly and did an excellent job communicating with our team to ensure everything was published smoothly. I can't thank him enough for all he did for us.

    Steven Cutbirth

    Director of Marketing

    The Karis Group

  • cameron-bowman
    Our reporting wasn’t fully taking into account the intricacies and nuances within our business process and industry. We engaged the HubSpot Services team to help us separate the fact from the fiction and drill down the right way. Jonathan and team did a great job in not only working to address the specific report set at hand, but equipping our team with the insight and experience we needed to take the progress we made together and run with it. With this foundation, we’ve been able to start building a reporting strategy that equips our executive and functional teams with the insights they need to be successful.

    Cameron Bowman

    Director of Marketing


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