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HubSpot for Startups is committed to helping aspiring founders grow their businesses by telling the stories of others who have succeeded. Every month we'll have a new slate of customers and partners sharing their insights on business, leadership, their use of HubSpot, entrepreneurship, and/or personal challenges.

Unicorn Stories

Every venture-backed founder aspires to reach the coveted status of "Unicorn"—a $1 billion valuations. Nearly 20% of unicorns are run on HubSpot. So that gives us some unprecedented access to tell some amazing and inspirational stories. For your watching and reading pleasure, we bring you "Unicorn Founder Stories."

Unicorn Founder Stories

Featured Customers

Featured Partners

Every month we'll bring you up close and personal to one of our partners. You'll gain valuable business insights and be inspired with these stories of challenges and success.

Diverse Founder Stories

HubSpot for Startups is committed to telling stories from a diverse group of founders. From the challenges of raising capital in a very homogenous VC community, to overcoming the proverbial glass ceilings, these stories will not only inspire you, but will provide nuggets of wisdom to help you grow your own business.
Sean Bovell of Invidica

Black Founder Stories

According to 2022 Crunchbase data, less than 2% of venture capital goes to Black entrepreneurs. Black startup founders face funding and advisory challenges their white counterparts never have to encounter. Here are some stories of Black founders succeeding in a system that typically was not designed with them in mind.

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Suneera Madhani of CEO School

Women Founder Stories

HubSpot for Startups is proud to present our Women Founders Stories Hub. Here you will be able to find quick and easy access to the growing library of stories we're telling about our women partners and customers. Go to site.
AAPI founders collage

AAPI Founder Stories

In HubSpot for Startups' ongoing series of celebrating diverse founders and investors in the startup community, here is a growing collection of stories about some of these founders, investors, executives, and entrepreneurs in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. Go to the site. go to site