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CMS Hub Onboarding

Work with a CMS expert to learn how to seamlessly move your website to the HubSpot CMS.

CMS Hub Onboarding Overview

A HubSpot CMS expert will teach you how to get the most out of your new CMS: you’ll get recommendations on how to optimize your website for SEO, learn how to create engaging lead conversion paths, and get best practices around editing and creating content for your HubSpot-hosted website — all with your business objectives in mind.

Migrate an existing website

For those who plan to migrate their existing site, a HubSpot CMS expert will guide you through devising a migration strategy: Whether that’s migrating your site as-is or migrating into a theme from HubSpot’s Template Marketplace, teaching you the editing tools, or assisting in tracking the steps of your go-live process.

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Build from scratch with a theme

If you want to redesign your website using a theme from HubSpot's Template Marketplace, we’ll help you choose and understand a Theme and its architecture. We’ll guide you through the editing tools and work with you to align your website to your business goals.

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Work with agency partners

We are always happy to collaborate with agency partners to help everyone get the most out of HubSpot CMS through implementing a measurable, growth-driven design plan.

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Working with our team of CMS experts helps you get your website up and running quickly so you get results, faster.

During CMS Hub Onboarding, you may receive guidance on the following:

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 Professional Enterprise
How your data and website live in HubSpot

Optimizing your website and blog

Content strategy

Lead capture and conversion paths

Traffic and website analytics

CMS Memberships


Custom reporting to track KPIs, site performance reporting, reporting by brand domain


Website speed and security best practices/tools


Content partitioning


Dynamic page testing


Key Details


Setting: Remote

Duration: 60 Days

Legal Description


Setting: Remote

Duration: 90 Days

Legal Description

Looking for more advanced help with CMS Hub?

HubSpot Advanced Onboarding guides you through the considerations of a more sophisticated setup, while HubSpot Solutions Partners provide strategic consultation and hands-on support to execute your highly customized setup for you.

Both options provide you with strategic and technical guidance, but if you need additional help executing, you'll want to enlist a certified Solutions Partner.

Get More Information About Onboarding Services

Want to learn more? We can help find the onboarding plan that's right for you.