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Business Cover Letter for Word & Google Docs

Enhance your customer acquisition with a business cover letter that highlights your company's services and its most significant achievements.

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Available for Word & Google Docs

Template Highlights

  • Get the template in Word or Google Docs format.
  • Present your company's solutions in a style that reflects its personality from the very first sentence.
  • Share your company's mission to generate empathy with customers.
  • Communicate the most notable achievements of your business.
  • Personalize the document with your company's corporate image.
  • Print the business cover letter in your preferred format or share it with colleagues via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

A business cover letter is a document that showcases the services offered by a company, as well as its mission, vision, and achievements, in order for customers to become acquainted with its offerings and get in touch.

To write a business cover letter, first choose the tone of your message based on your company's brand personality. Then, evaluate what makes your organization special and which aspects and results may be most interesting to your target audience. Try to keep the letter within the length of one page to maintain the attention of your potential customer.

Yes, you can edit the business cover letter template to fit the needs of your business.

Yes, it is completely free.