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AI Email Writer

Public Beta

HubSpot’s content assistant includes AI email writing software that multiplies your productivity.

  • Use AI to generate sales outreach emails in a fraction of the time

  • Boost email marketing with templates and AI-generated content

  • Generate email copy for diverse audience segments without scaling headcount or spend

  1. Automate email copywriting with AI.

    Don’t waste more time staring at a blank email draft. With HubSpot’s AI email writer, you can automate email copywriting and delight your audience with a constant stream of valuable, click-worthy content. 

    Whether you’re crafting a sales outreach email or working on an email blast campaign, HubSpot’s AI email generator can help. The software is built into HubSpot’s marketing and sales tools, so you can easily draft, send, track, and analyze your email efforts in one place.

  1. Quickly design and write email marketing campaigns.

    With HubSpot, you can easily design and draft your emails in one platform. Select and customize an email marketing template of your choice, and then use the slash and highlight commands to generate and edit emails on your marketing emails on demand. Once your campaign launches, your HubSpot CRM database automatically records campaign data for you, so you can track open rates, lead submissions, and more.
  2. Nail outreach with AI-generated sales emails.

    Your prospects receive dozens of cold outreach emails a week. It takes creativity and persistence to stand out. With HubSpot’s AI email writer, you can generate hundreds of sales email drafts in minutes. Easily customize emails using slash and highlight commands to edit length, spelling, and tone. Then track progress seamlessly using your HubSpot CRM database to automatically log conversations, contacts, and more.
  3. Design, draft, and track emails in one platform.

    HubSpot’s integrated AI email writing software simplifies the process of drafting, designing, and tracking emails. Avoid data silos and connect with customers using our native email tools on desktop or on the go with the HubSpot mobile app.
  4. Boost open rates with email segmentation.

    As your business grows, your audience becomes increasingly diverse. Sending everyone the same content just won’t do. HubSpot’s AI email generator helps you quickly develop on-brand messaging for each of your audience segments, helping you boost open rates and engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • AI email writing software is a machine-learning-powered tool that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses automate part of the email copywriting process. HubSpot's content assistant includes an AI email writer that helps you come up with engaging subject lines, draft prospecting emails, generate marketing messaging, and more.

  • HubSpot’s AI email writing features are available for free. HubSpot also offers premium marketing features with the Starter, Professional, and Enterprise editions of Marketing Hub

  • To ensure your AI-generated messaging hits the mark every time you should:

    • Proofread every message to check for spelling errors, brand voice, and tone.
    • Send yourself a test email to verify all personalization tokens and formatting work as intended.
    • Use professionally-built email templates to ensure your audience receives an engaging and responsive message every time.
    • Test out different subject lines and body copy options to learn more about your readers’ preferences.
    • Independently validate the accuracy and truth of outputs when you use this tool before finalizing or publishing any work product.
  • HubSpot's AI email writing software creates emails based on user prompts or drafts replies based on user inquiries. The tool uses machine learning and natural language processing to gather information, process requests, and generate text accordingly.

  • HubSpot’s AI email writing tool can help your business by:

    • Saving you time and money with automated copywriting.
    • Scaling email personalization with CRM-based tokens that change from one recipient to the next.
  • AI email generator integrates seamlessly with the HubSpot CRM platform and all of its marketing, sales, service, and content features. If you want to get the most out of your AI-generated copy, try using it in combination with the following tools:

    • Sales email templates
    • Email tracking software
    • Drag-and-drop email builder
    • Marketing automation software