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Free AI Content Writer

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HubSpot’s content assistant tools include an AI-powered copywriter that saves you time and money.

  • Generate blogs, website copy, social posts, and more in a breeze

  • Scale your content output without additional budget or resources

  • Generate leads with high-quality content across platforms

  1. Generate engaging content at the push of a button.

    Businesses are continuously challenged to do more with less — and content is a great way to drive brand awareness and acquire leads. However, scaling a business’ content output without using more resources is nearly impossible.

    With HubSpot’s free AI writer, businesses can generate copy for many programs and channels in no time. Enter a prompt or topic and watch HubSpot's content assistant tools generate a first draft for your next prospecting email, landing page, social caption, or blog post.

  1. Forget writer’s block with AI copywriting.

    When it comes to copywriting, starting can be the hardest part. If you feel like your content marketing efforts are running out of steam, boost them with free, AI-assisted writing. Enter a prompt and watch HubSpot’s AI content writer churn out the outline for your next blog or Instagram post, or request landing page copy and get engaging content in return.
  2. Cast a wider net with multi-channel AI content.

    Disjointed tools can lead to lackluster results, extra costs, and unnecessary friction. The artificial intelligence content writer works seamlessly with HubSpot’s marketing and sales tools, helping you scale your content output across email, social, landing pages, and more.
  3. Create AI-written, human-reviewed content.

    Content marketing is an increasingly competitive space, and stale, cookie-cutter copy won’t differentiate you from your competitors. Use prompts about length, tone, and reading level to tailor the AI writer’s copywriting, and then make it your own with your brand voice and unique expertise.
  4. Maximize efficiency and effectiveness with AI copywriting.

    Say goodbye to endless revision cycles by embracing AI copywriting. Enjoy efficient content creation with the help of AI-powered writing for your email, social, and web page copy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • AI copywriting software is an artificial intelligence-powered technology that helps businesses create content for websites, marketing campaigns, and more at scale. HubSpot's AI copywriting tools use machine learning to help inform the content they generate. 

  • AI-written text should be handled with similar best practices to the ones used with human-written copy:

    • Proofread: Check your content for errors that contradict your brand voice, compliance with your business' written style guides, and overall flow and formatting.
    • Customize: Differentiate your content from the competition by infusing it with your voice and expertise.
    • Use it for inspiration: AI-generated text should be used to assist your creative process, not replace it. Use the content written by the AI copywriter as a rough draft or outline and incorporate your marketing and sales teams to enhance its quality.
  • HubSpot's AI content writer is easy-to-use and quick to implement. Simply sign up to get started for free and you’ll be able to leverage AI-assisted copywriting within many of HubSpot’s free tools including social media management, landing page builder, email marketing, and more.

  • The AI content writer is part of HubSpot’s content assistant tools. To learn more about content assistant, see these frequently asked questions.

  • HubSpot's AI content writer is designed to be user-friendly. Enter a prompt, such as "write a blog about dog training," and let the AI work its magic. Alternatively, use slash commands to generate text on demand, or leverage highlight-triggered commands to edit and rephrase existing copy. Then proofread it to ensure it matches your brand voice and includes your unique know-how.

  • HubSpot's free AI copywriter can help your business:

    • Grow your content output without utilizing incremental time or headcount.
    • Create integrated messaging for multiple platforms in minutes, not hours.
    • Provide your team with thought starters and rough drafts that help expedite their creative process.
    • Improve your copywriting strategy by implementing learnings from previous campaigns and your HubSpot CRM database. 
  • You can get started with HubSpot’s AI content writing software for free. More advanced content management functionalities are available in paid editions of CMS Hub.